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KIRJUTAJA: Daniel Quinn
ISBN: 9789985341520
Faili suurus: 10,44


Daniel Quinni filosoofilise romaani „Ishmael“ näol on tegemist iseäraliku dialoogiga, kus üheks osapooleks on gorilla. Kui minajutustaja vastab ajalehekuulutusele, kus otsitakse õpilast, satub ta vastamisi gorillaga, kes hakkab talle telepaatilise vestluse teel õpetama uusi arusaamisi inimkonnast. See on raamat mütoloogilisest mõtlemisest moodsa tsivilisatsiooni südames, selle mõjust eetikale ja tänapäeva tsivilisatsiooni jätkusuutlikkusele. Autori keel on lihtne ja selge, paneb lugeja tahtmatult kaasa mõtlema ja koos endaga lõppjärelduste poole liikuma. Daniel Quinn sündis 1935. aastal Omahas Nebraskas, õppis St. Louis’i, Viini ja Loyola ülikoolides. 1975. aastal loobus ta oma pikaajalisest kirjastaja karjäärist ja hakkas vabakutseliseks kirjanikuks. Esimese variandi raamatust, millest kujunes hiljem tema auhinnatud teos „Ishmael“, kirjutas Quinn 1977. aastal. Sellele järgnes veel kuus varianti, enne kui raamat 1990. aastal lõpliku kuju sai. Daniel Quinn armastab reisida mööda maailma, et anda loenguid ja arutada oma raamatute üle. Ta elab koos abikaasa Renniega Houstonis.

...the age of thirteen he was circumcised ( 17:25) ... Ishmael | Article about Ishmael by The Free Dictionary ... .He grew up a true child of the desert, wild and wayward. Ishmael definition, the son of Abraham and Hagar: both he and Hagar were cast out of Abraham's family by Sarah. Gen. 16:11, 12. See more. In Ishmael, which received the Turner Tomorrow Fellowship for the best work of fiction offering positive solutions to global problems, Daniel Quinn parses humanity's origins and its relationship with nature, in search of an answer to this challenging question: How can we save the world from ourselves? Praise for Ishmael Ishmael & ישמעאל. Ishmael in Islam. First born son of Abraham, ... Ishmael - definition of Ishmael by The Free Dictionary ... . Ishmael in Islam. First born son of Abraham, from his concubine Hagar. Lived 137 years. Both Jewish and Islamic traditions consider Ishmael as the ancestor of northern Arab people. Islamic tradition, however, has a very positive view of Ishmael, giving him a larger and more significant role. Ishmael. As we know, Isaac was not Abraham's first born, for Hagar had borne him Ishmael 14 years earlier. But Ishmael had not grown up as his father had hoped. He was inclined towards many things Abraham considered wicked. Ishmael even prayed to idols when he believed himself unobserved. Ismaël (en hébreu : ישׁמעאל, Išma`e'l: « Dieu a entendu [ma demande] » ; en arabe : إسماعيل, Ismāʿīl) est un personnage de la Genèse et du Coran.Il est le premier fils d'Abraham, dont la femme (et demi-sœur) Sarah était stérile, et il est le demi-frère d'Isaac.Sa mère Agar, esclave de Pharaon, était la servante égyptienne de Sarah, qui a elle-même suggéré ... The Enterprise is on a peaceful mission at Starbase 12 when a bizarre cosmic phenomenon causes a Klingon ship to suddenly vanish - with Spock aboard for the ride. Spock's last message from the Klingon ship is cryptic and frightening. The Klingons are travelling into the past, searching for the one man who holds a vital key to the future. If they can kill that man, the course of history will be ... In Ishmael's House: A History of Jews in Muslim Lands. by Martin Gilbert | Oct 25, 2011. 4.5 out of 5 stars 65. Paperback $25.00 $ 25. 00. Get it as soon as Mon, Jun 8. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Only 11 left in stock (more on the way). More Buying Choices $14.06 (13 used & new offers) ... Abraham had two sons, Isaac and Ishmael.Son of the maidservant Hagar, Ishmael was the firstborn and is considered to be the father of the Arabic nations.Yet Isaac was chosen to carry on Abraham's legacy. Banished from his father's home, Ishmael had his ups and downs, but ultimately he repented and was considered righteous. In fact, although we don't name children after the wicked Esau ... Ishmael shows the narrator that this version of the history of the world is a fiction: it favors the human race in an absurdly unrealistic way. The narrator realizes that Ishmael is right, but can't get excited over this fact. Ishmael is disappointed with the narrator's lack of enthusiasm. Ishmael (Hebrew: יִשְׁמָעֵאל, Yišmaʿel, Arabic: إسماعيل, Ismā'īl; "God will hear") was Abraham's eldest son, born by his wife's handmaiden Hagar. In Islamic tradition, he was the ancestor of the prophet Muhammad and the son whom Abraham offered as a sacrifice to God.. In the Book of Genesis, Ishmael was the first of Abraham's household to undergo the rite of circumcision. ISHMAEL ĭsh' mĭ əl (יִשְׁמָעֵ֔אל, God hears).Son of Abraham and Hagar, mentioned mainly in Genesis 16; 17; 21.. 1. Name.The name is patterned on a common Sem. theophoric formation in which the deity is the subject of a sentence, in this case El (God), and the other element the predicate, in this case the verb "to hear." One of the most beloved and bestselling novels of spiritual adventure ever published, Ishmael has earned a passionate following among read...