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KIRJUTAJA: Aivar Lembit
ISBN: 9789949421916
Faili suurus: 3,50


Vaikses Eesti väikelinnas elava Juuli elu muutub päeva pealt, kui tema 12-aastane poeg ühel päeval kaob. Juuli käis poes ja koju jõudes poissi enam toas polnud, mispeale naine arvas teda teiste omasugustega õues palli mängivat. Kui õhtuks poiss koju ei ilmunud, hiilis Juuli hinge mure. Algas pikk ja vaevarikas otsing.Romaan tunnetest ja murest, selle jagamisest ja lohutuse leidmisest.

...t đêm ròng. Suốt mấy năm ròng. Thức ròng mấy đêm ... Thống kê, phân tích kết quả xổ số - Kết quả xổ số hôm nay ... ... .··(Kết hợp hạn chế). Nguyên chất (thường nói về kim loại). Vàng ròng. Sắt ròng. (Chm.; dùng sau d., trong một ... Definition of rong in the dictionary. Meaning of rong. Information and translations of rong in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Koh Rong (កោះរ៉ុង) was once little more than a jungle-clad wilderness rimmed by swaths of sugary-white sand, with a few beach-hut resorts speckling the shore around tiny Koh Tuch village. Today the Koh Tuch village street-strip that leads out from th ... Avaleht | Elron ... . Today the Koh Tuch village street-strip that leads out from the pier is a bottleneck of back-to ... koh Rong sanloem is a great place to relax yourself with clean sea, beautiful scene, peaceful atmosphere and convenient transportation like taxi boat that help u travel through two bays in the island and sihanoukville. I recommend you could spend hopefully a week on the island, jogging along the beach in the morning, reading books ahead of the ......